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Free math games for kids ONLINE + PRINTABLE free math games for kids is your resource of free math games for kids.
Play addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math games online. Download printable math games in PDF. Learn math easily with us!

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Most popular math games for kids

Our free math games for kids develop logical thinking and help children master math easily.
These fun math games can be played in classroom or at home as additional math practice.

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Fun math games ONLINE

This math website includes a variety of ideas, from easy math games, to puzzles, to hands on learning and more. There's something for everyone to improve math skills. Browse the collection of free online math games for kids by grade level:

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  Free easy math games online. Math for kids. free math practice websites. Free online math practice games.

Kindergarten Math Games

Play online math games for preschoolers: missing numbers, counting games etc.
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maths online practice. 
 maths games for kids. fun math games online free.

1st Grade Math Games

Addition, subtraction, shapes and other math games for the first graders.
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Free math games online. 
 Free easy math games. Free online math practice games.

2nd Grade Math Games

Multiplication, division, math crosswords and other math games for grade 2.
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Interactive math games online. mathematical games online. free math practice websites.

3rd Grade Math Games

Free 3rd grade math games online: multiplication, division, multiples, factors ...
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Fun math games for kids online. math problems online. Free interactive math games for kids.

4th Grade Math Games

Math games for 4th grade students. Column addition and subtraction, basic fractions.
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Kids math games. Free online math practice games online.
5th Grade Math Games

Fraction games, least common multiple, GCD, equations and other 5th grade math games online.
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Free Online Math Games for Classroom and Homeschooling

Help your kids strengthen their math skills with our free online math games.

Students can use and play these self-checking online math puzzles right on this website. There's nothing to download, and students can practice math on any device or any web browser.

Special math games for kids:

Free interactive math games for kids

Our free online math games for kids are sorted not only by grades but also by topics.
Find online math exercises based on math topic:


Math puzzles Math BINGO Math crosswords Math flash cards Missing numbers Counting games Compare numbers After numbers Number matching Recognize numbers Numbers before & after Number bonds

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

Albert Einstein

Editable school timetable template

Download this free school timetable template which will help you with planning of lessons. You can edit it online, download as PDF file or EXCEL sheet.

Children will find it easy to organise their programme with this cute timetable template.

Printable Math Games and Worksheets is full of online math games for kids.
All these interactive math games contain also free math worksheets in PDF on which kids can practice a certain task ´offline´.

You can find at least 3 printable math worksheets for each online math game or you can also browse colorful worksheets according the school grade.

You can share them with parents or print them out for extra practice at home or in the classroom. 📝

Free printable math games in PDF

Free Math Worksheets

Download the collection of our best math worksheets for kindergarten and grades 1-5.

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Math Workbook in PDF

printable math games in PDF. free math practice websites.

Who said learning math can't be exciting?

Have you ever tried any math crossword puzzle?

So if you are a parent or teacher, math puzzles are a great tool for helping kids to learn math easily.


Free online math practice games

Do your students or kids need more math exercises?

Most of us prefer students to write out math problems by hand. But sometimes our kids need extra practice. Playing math learning games is an easy way to do that.

Children love our fun interactive math games and you don't have to worry about printing out pages and pages of worksheets.

Enjoy all the benefits of using something digital and check out our online math learning games for free.

Learning math doesn't have to be time consuming, also little things here and there will keep brains active and math skills sharp.

If you're looking for ways to make teaching math fun and playful, check out our free math games. Find free easy math games for kids and low prep ideas for teachers and parents at

Free easy math games online

Playing math games is not only fun but also it can help us sharpen our math skills:

Online math games for kids incorporate challenges and math problems, so kids learn number recognition, counting, basic operations and equations easily.

Our math games are educational and you can choose the form that best suits your needs: math puzzles, math worksheets in PDF, math BINGO games, math flash cards etc.

Free math websites for kids belongs to free math practice websites which “help those who teach.” I am proud to create educational math resources that can be used at each step of a child's learning journey.

Free math games for kids

Printable math games for kids

In our increasingly digital world, more and more learning is happening on a computer. And that's great! I love incorporating technology!

But sometimes we need a break from computers. So I also created this collection of free printable math games for kids which you can print or download to your computer as PDF files.

You can find printable math board games and math puzzles here.

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Free math activities

This free math website for kids was developed with the aim to support parents, educators and children around the world, and I hope that it is transforming lives through education. includes a lot of free math exercises to make your lesson planning easier.

We at are passionate about providing quality educational services and resources to our students, and recognize the power of math games to engage and educate.

Math problems online

You can find houndreds of free online math games here and new fun math games for kids are added regularly.

We continue to add new online math games each month, and are also including printable recording pages to go along with each math game, so students can show you their thinking and extend their learning beyond the game.

Šárka Novotná is the creator of free math games for kids.

Free online math for kids

Who created these free online math games for you?

Šárka Novotná
Hi, my name is Šárka and I am the creator of the website
I love math and would like to show you, how to learn math easily.
I can't wait to hear what you think of these math games!

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