Addition to 30: worksheets and games

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Fill in the blank with the result of addition.

How to play this addition to 30 game?

Addition to 30

Addition up to 30 is math exercise focusing on adding single and double digits. Cover all additions from numbers 1-30.

Insert the result of the addition to the empty box.

Press "Check it" to find out the correct answer. If your result of addition is OK, the box will be green.

If your answer isn´t correct, the box will be red and you will see the correct number. Press the button "New game" and play another addition to 30 game.

You can play this addition to 30 game online, more than 500 exercises available.

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Addition to 30 worksheets

Download free printable addition to 30 worksheets in PDF below:

How to teach adding to 30?

To master adding to 30 is for kids little bit more difficult than to learn addition to 20.

Kids need more time to practice basic rules. How you can help them to master addition to 30? You can use number line, play games or learn by songs.

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