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Addition Board Games Printable FREE

Welcome to our webpage featuring a collection of fun and engaging addition board games for kids! Our printable addition games not only motive to learn but also they are fun.

You can print out these free addition board games and use them the classroom or at home for extra math practice.

Printable Addition Board Games for Kids

All our addition board games are designed to help children practice their addition skills in a fun and engaging way.

These addition board games include colorful graphics and images to capture children's attention.

Besides printable addition games you can also enjoy our online addition games here.

Free Printable Addition Board Games for kids. Addition printable games. 
Fun Addition board game printable.

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Addition board game PRINTABLE

This printable addition board game has a light background, so you don't need too much colour in the printer. The light background also does not disturb kids while playing.

You can easily and quickly print out this addition board game (including instructions) on A4 or A3 paper. Just click on the picture below.

Addition board game PRINTABLE

Free Printable Adding Board Games for kids. 
addition game board. snakes and ladders addition game. Addition printable games. addition snakes and ladders. 
Fun Addition board game printable. board game addition.
Download addition board game in PDF

What you need to play this addition board game?

This printable addition board game is an addition game that should be printed out to be played.

For addition board game prepare:

  • Printed addition board game preferably on A3 paper.
  • Dice: you can use this dice.
  • Game pieces that represent the players: Multicolor plastic pawns, buttons or just small lego bricks. Each player may use a different color. The game pieces are placed on the starting space at the beginning of the game.
  • Our free printable addition board game (PDF) with instructions (they are included with the printable file).
  • Laminator machine, but it isn´t necessary.
  • And the prize for the winner.

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Addition board games instructions

This addition game is intended for at least 2 players. You can play it with your child or kids can play together.

The board game consists of a path divided into spaces, the spaces are labeled with addition problems.

The object of the game is to be the first player to reach the finish space on the addition board game by correctly solving addition problems and advancing along the track.

Addition board game instructions

The instructions for the addition board game are also included with the printable file. The instructions explain how to set up the game, how to play the game, and any special rules or the game:

  • Put down the addition board game on the table or on the floor.
  • All players place their game piece on START position.
  • Each player rolls the dice and the player with the highest roll has the first turn.
  • Players take turns rolling a die to move their game piece along the track. When a player lands on a space, they are given an addition problem to solve. If the player solves the problem correctly, they move their game piece the number of spaces indicated by the die. If the player solves the problem incorrectly, they do not move their game piece.

To ensure that the player taking a turn provides the correct answer, the other players must not only be aware of where their opponent has landed, but also of the answer to the problem.

This addition game include additional elements like bonus spaces, penalty spaces, and other special features.

When to finish addition game board?

The game continues in a clockwise direction, with each player taking turns rolling the die and solving addition problems. The first player to reach the FINISH space on the game board wins the game.

Addition board games help to develop problem-solving and social skills in children, as they interact with others to take turns and follow rules.

Additionally, the sense of accomplishment that comes with winning a game boost children's confidence and encourage them to continue learning and playing.

Addition exercise board game instructions

Addition BINGO is an addition exercise board game that helps children learn and practice addition skills. It is played in a similar way to traditional BINGO, but instead of matching numbers, players match the sums of addition problems.

You can generate as many different BINGO addition board games as you want. You can play our these games with dice or use our online addition flash cards to generate the addition problems.

Addition BINGO to 12
Addition exercise board game instructions. addition board games printable.
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Addition BINGO to 20
addition exercise board game rules. Free addition board game printable.
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To play addition board BINGO, each player needs own bingo card (sheet). This printable addition board games cover addition facts up to 12 or to 20. Instuctions are included. You can play also these addition BINGO games online here.

How to play BINGO addition exercise board game:

  1. First, the teacher or the parent randomly selects an addition card and reads out the addition task. You can also use a 6-sided dice or a 10-sided dice.
  2. Kids should add the numbers together to solve the addition problem.
  3. If the result of the addition problem matches any of the numbers in the table, mark that box with a star or cross it out. See the tutorial on YouTube here.
  4. If no number in the sheet corresponds to the result of an addition problem, then the player skips a turn.
  5. The aim of the game is to get five marked fields in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). The central square is counted as marked.
  6. Players continue to mark their BINGO sheets as the teacher reads out addition problems. The first player who has five stars calls out "BINGO!" and is declared the winner.

Free printable addition games for kids

Besides addition board game you can find here a collection of free printable addition games and math puzzles including addition puzzles for Christmas and Halloween time.

Everytime 12 new different addition to 20 problems are generated and create a new image: in black and white or color.

Click the image bellow and generate free addition games in PDF:

Christmas addition puzzles

Addition printable games PDF.
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Halloween addition puzzles

Board game addition.
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Fun addition printable games in PDF

These printable addition puzzles are played by the child alone with with adult supervision. Children look forward to putting the image together. These addition games require a little bit of prep:

What you need for these printable addition games?
  • White A4 paper + printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Crayons (if using the black and white version)

Kids first have to cut 12 squares along the dotted lines. Then match each square with the relevant addition task: for example 6 matches with 2 + 4. Paste, clue and color (if you use the black and white copy). That´s all. The picture is complete.

Printable addition dice games PDF

Playing addition games will help your children learn addition facts more efficiently. Here are our other popular printable addition games, which you can play with dice. You can play this addition dice game online too.

Addition dice game

Free addition game printable.
Download in PDF

I have a variety of printable math worksheets and games available on this website, covering a lot of math skills. They are sorted based on grade, topic and time of the year.

Printable board games with addition tasks

Printable addition board game is a fun and interactive way for children to practice their addition skills while also enjoying the experience of playing a game. 🌝

Our Printable addition board games are easy to access and convenient to use. They can be printed from a computer and played anywhere, anytime, without the need for internet access or electricity.

Our printable addition games are free to use and even they do not require expensive materials or components.

Benefits of playing adding board games

Addition printable games are a valuable tool for parents and educators to help children learn and practice addition in a fun and engaging way.

Printable games also provide a necessary break from screen time. Board games offer a screen-free alternative to digital devices, providing a chance for children to disconnect and engage with others in a fun and interactive way.

Printable addition games in PDF

Printable addition worksheets

Download the collection of our best free printable math worksheets for Grades 1-5.

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