Addition dice games + worksheets

Addition dice games

Make learning math fun. Play online addition dice games and download dice addition worksheet in PDF below.

Dice addition games

How to play dice addition games? Count the dots on each cube. Then add up these 2 numbers. Insert the result of the addition dice game to the empty box. Press ´Check it´ to find out the correct answer. If the result is OK, the box will be green.

If your answer is wrong, the box will be red and you will see the correct number. Free Addition Dice Games Online Press the button "New game" and play another dice game.


  New game

Dice addition games: insert the result of addition to the empty box.

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Addition dice worksheet in PDF

Click the picture bellow and download our printable dice addition worksheets in PDF. The first worksheet containes only empty boxes, so kids roll a dice by themselves. The second addition dice worksheet is already prefilled.

You can find even more Kindergarten Math Worksheets in PDF here.

Printable addition dice game
Printable addition dice game PDF
Download PDF

What will you learn in these addition games with a dice?

These math dice games for kids teach addition of numbers 1 to 6. You can play these addition dice games online as many times as you want.

Do you want to play another addition games? Then try this single digit addition game or this addition up to 20.

Addition Dice Games for Kindergarten. Addition games with dice.

Addition dice game

Maybe you're wondering how to make kids fall in love with math? To help our kids to learn addition easily I developed these addition games with a dice.

They are fun and children do not feel that they are learning. They think they're just playing.

To make addition more entertaining watch this nice song on YouTube which teaches kids single digit addition.


Kindergarten 1st Grade Math Addition

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