Addition pyramids: math pyramid puzzle game + worksheets

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Fill in missing numbers in this addition pyramid game.

How to do addition pyramid game?

Addition pyramids: Play math pyramid puzzle game online.

Addition pyramids are pyramids of numbers. In a addition pyramid game, numbers next to each other are added together to make the number above it. Maximum value on the top of the pyramid is 50.

The bottom row is filled with random numbers from 1 to 7. Each number in the upper rows is the sum of the two numbers below it.

Insert the missing numbers to the number pyramid puzzle.

How to play addition pyramid game

Press "Check it" to find out if your answer is OK. The correct boxes will be green, wrong boxes will be red. Press the button "New game" and you can play a new math pyramid puzzle game. You can also watch this tutorial on YouTube.

Why to play number pyramid puzzle for kids?

Number pyramid game is a nice way how to learn addition. To play this game kids need to have basic knowledge of addition up to 20.

Do you want to practice addition and subtraction at the same time? Then play this math crossword puzzle game.

Are you interested to know more about pyramids? Read about the history of pyramids here.

Addition pyramid worksheets

Addition pyramids worksheets help you to make math lessons more interesting.

In these printable math pyramid worksheets kids must add together two numbers. Students solve the addition pyramid by adding adjacent numbers and writing the sum above them, working this way up to the top of the number pyramid puzzle.

Download our free printable addition pyramid worksheets in PDF below. Each worksheet consists of two pages: the first page is the worksheet, the other page contains the answer key.

Printable math pyramid puzzle worksheet: Printable addition pyramids worksheets in PDF Math pyramid puzzle worksheet: Printable addition pyramid worksheets in PDF Printable number pyramid puzzle worksheets in PDF

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