Comparing numbers for Kindergarten


Compare numbers and click the correct symbol above.

Comparing numbers for Kindergarten: games

Comparing numbers for Kindergarten games

´Comparing numbers for Kindergarten´ game improves counting and comparison skills at the same time. Kids love the challenge of this exercise that teaches them count up to 10 and then comparing numbers using the symbols for greater than, less than and equal.

Click the correct symbol above. If your result is OK, you will see "YES" sign. If your answer is wrong, you will see "NO" sign.

Try the other comparison symbol. Press the button "New game" and play another game.

Comparing numbers games for Kindergarten

This game is determined for kids in Kindergarten or in the first school year.

Some kids already know numerals. They can solve the game easily. Kids, who still don´t know numerals, can count up pictures on both sides of the task.

You can play this game online or you can download worksheets which help you to teach greater than and less than for Kindergarten.

Do you want to try something more difficult? Then try this game: addition to 20.

Do you want to practice missing numbers? Then try the other kindergarten game: missing numbers up to 10.

Comparing numbers for Kindergarten: worksheets

Download our free printable comparing numbers for Kindergarten: worksheets in PDF. Fill in the blanks with the correct symbol.

How to teach greater than / less than to (in Kindergarten)?

Do you need help with teaching greater than / less than? First of all kids need to learn to count up to 10. They can watch this nice tutorial on YouTube.

You can help them with songs or rhymes. Then kids will know how the numbers follow each other.

Kids have to be familiar with the quantity which each number represents. You can help them with things like small toys, pencils, dice etc. Always correct them politely.

Then you can show them two plates with candy, so they can compare the amount. They will know, what does it mean more and less.

The next step is to introduce these 3 signs: < = >.

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