Counting to 10: worksheets and games


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Count objects to 10 and click the correct number.

Count objects to 10

Counting to 10 games

There are lots of fun ways to make math for our kids more interesting. We can start with basics activities as ´counting to 10´ games. In this game kids count objects to 10 and then they should match with the correct number. They can choose from 3 answers. Kids love the challenge of this exercise that teaches them counting to 10 in the fun way.

If the choosen number is OK, you will see "YES" sign. If the number is wrong, you will see "NO" sign.

Try another number 1-10 until you find the correct one. Press the button "New game" and play another game.

Counting objects for Kindergarten

This interactive game is determined for kids in Kindergarten or in the first school year.

Some kids already know numerals. They can solve the game easily. We hope that nice pictures of animals and plants will make this ´count to 10´ game more interesting.

You can play this ´counting numbers to 10´ game online or you can download printable worksheets, which you can use in Kindergarten or for home schooling.

Do you want to try something more difficult? Then try this game: single digit addition with pictures or the other kindergarten game: comparing numbers up to 10.

Counting to 10: worksheets for Kindergarten

Click the picture and download our free printable counting to 10 worksheets for Kindergarten in PDF. Kids should count objects to 10 and write the correct number to the box.

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