FastComet review 2023

I have been using FastComet hosting since 2017 for all of my websites. I hope this FastComet review will help you with choosing of a hosting provider that will meet your needs.

I am a member of several FB groups for web developers and bloggers and the most common question that comes up almost every day is: "What’s the best web hosting for a blog?"

This FastComet hosting review is more about my personal experience than about technical data, which you can find in other FastComet reviews or directly on the FastComet website.

So, read the detailed FastComet shared hosting review and form your own opinion.

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FastComet review 2023:

  1. What is FastComet hosting
  2. My FastComet review
  3. FastComet pricing & plans
  4. Higher FastComet renewal price
  5. FastComet uptime
  6. Key FastComet website hosting features
  7. FastComet pros and cons
  8. FastComet alternative
  9. FastComet web hosting review: final words

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1. What is FastComet hosting

FastComet is the website hosting provider. What does it mean?

If you want to have your own website or blog, you need 2 things: domain name and the space to store the website content (text and images). This is called hosting.

You can run your website through free website builders as Wix, Webnode or Squαrespace, but this option is the best solution only for small websites. When you plan to reach higher goals, you can use FastComet hosting.

FastComet coupon. FastComet hosting review

FastComet offers following hosting services:

  • Shared hosting: best for for personal and small business websites. This is where we usually start. It is used for websites with less than 100k monthly visitors. I had been using it too until I reached 70k session a month in February 2023. You can read more in this FastComet shared hosting review bellow.
  • Cloud VPS Hosting through Virtual Private Servers: fully dedicated servers solution when your online business is growing. I upgraded to VPS Hosting in 2023 because my website is images "heavy" and the bandwidth usage of my shared hosting plan was on 96%.
  • Dedicated CPU Servers: they have fully dedicated CPU cores and memory that are 100% available and isolated from any other servers.

FastComet hosting review: best CDN providers

FastComet has 11 CDN datacenters all around the world, which ensure fast delivery of internet content.

The better performance of FastComet hosting is achived by 11 strategically located data centers in North America, Europe, Asia & Oceania, called CDN. A content delivery network (CDN) stands for geographically distributed network of servers that work together to provide fast delivery of website content.

FastComet Plans & Pricing

2. FastComet hosting review

When I started my first local travel website in 2017, I spent most of my time choosing the best hosting company. First of all I wanted a reliable hosting provider and also cheap one.

Because, if you don't know whether your blog will be a success, you don't want to spent too much money on it. After many hours of surfing the internet and reading also FastComet reviews, I chose FastComet web hosting because of:

  • It is super cheap.
  • It uses a content delivery network (CDN).
  • The price of hosting included free domain name in that time, not anymore. So, I just realized that FastComet is paying for me the domain name.
  • All plans include SSL certificate.
  • The higher plan FastCloud Plus enables you to host multiple websites for one price.

Because my first small travel blog is related to the Czech Republic (where I live) and its visitors are mostly from Europe, I chose the datacenter located in Frankfurt, Germany.

I gradually created new websites, which I placed under one hosting plan FastCloud Plus. These websites are called addon domains.

Addon domains will allow you to host multiple different websites on the same hosting account. It is super useful when you want to park or redirect some domains.

In 2020 I set up this website Because the target audience is from USA, I decided to create a new independent FastComet account and chose the main datacenter in USA. I think, it was Chicago at that time. Probably that datacenter wasn´t extra modern and was under a few attacks (which FastComet compensated to me as you can read in Fastcomet uptime paragraph), so FastComet decided to transfer my website to Newark, New York. It is functioning very well, without outages.

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FastComet shared hosting is usually recommend for personal and small business websites until 100k monthly visitors. had been running very well on shared hosting plan until 70k sessions per month. In February 2023 I had to upgrade to Cloud VPS Hosting: private server. It is related not only to website traffic but also to bandwidth usage: many people are downloading PDF files, pictures, play math games on my webiste.

3. FastComet pricing & plans

Is FastComet free?

No, FastComet isn´t free website builder. But FastComet is very cheap web hosting provider and there are often discounts of FastComet shared hosting plans during the year:

FastComet pricing & plans

The prices of shared hosting are very often 75% off. The cheapest plan FastCloud for single website starts $2.49/mo. So check the FastComet website regularly.

The best discounts are on Black Friday in November, then on Easter, before summer etc.

FastComet is definitely one of the most reliable and also the cheapest hosting providers. A small problem occurs with renewal, when the first year finish.

4. FastComet renewal price

The right FastComet review wouldn´t be complete without some tricks and saving tips. And this applies also to higher Fastcomet renewal price.

Let´s say: you are using FastComet web hosting and after one year you are surprised by the renewal price, which is 4 times higher than at the beginning. This is also the biggest problem with Siteground hosting. Many people complain about it on Facebook.

Some people solve this problem by setting up a new hosting under a different email address. But it is not legit. A better solution is to purchase the hosting for a 3 year period, renew on Black Friday or just ask for a discount. I always got at least 10% OFF.

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5. FastComet uptime

The site speed and reliability are the most important factors for each website.

To monitor the Fastcomet uptime I registered for free uptime monitoring service UptimeRobot. It sends you an email when your website is down and alert you when it is back up again.

Fastcomet declares above the industry-average uptime of 99.9%. I have to say that my websites haven´t been down for several months. So, probably, it is correct.

FastComet coupon

Also FastComet promises to apply 10% of your monthly fee as credit for every hour of website downtime, up to 100% of your monthly payment. I was compensated when they transfered my website from one datacenter to another.

6. Key FastComet website hosting features

FastComet of course offers all important webhosting features.

For me the most the biggest advantage of FastComet website hosting is that they own 8 strategically located datacenters on three different continents (Free CloudFlare CDN). Because the website's performance and speed depends on the location and the characteristics of the hosting data center, that makes FastComet one of the fastest web hosting companies.

FastComet free domain name

A few years ago FastComet offered the free domain name with the hosting plan. I checked their website and it looks like that you don't get a new domain name for free with FastComet.

FastComet only offers the free transfer of your existing domain name and the renew for free for one year.

To be honest, I think that it is better to choose different domain registrar (for example Namecheap) and hosting provider.

I have done it with too. You can easily connect your domain with hosting by pointing domain towards FastComet nameservers. If you decide to change your website hosting company, you change only DNS nameservers of your domain. Check FastComet Shared Hosting Plans →

How do I point my domain to FastComet?

When you order the hosting from FastComet, you will choose your main datacenter. Every datacenter has own nameservers. You will receive an confirmation email saying something like this:

If you are using an existing domain with your new hosting account, you will need to update the nameservers to point to the nameservers listed below:
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

Then you can contact your domain registrar to help you to point domain to FastComet. Namecheap has own tutorial here.

7. FastComet pros and cons

Here are FastComet pros and cons:

FastComet Pros:

  • free website transfer
  • free SSL certificate for all shared hosting plans
  • 24/7 Technical Support with a live chat
  • big disk space: 15GB SSD Space for the cheapest hosting plan
  • free daily backups
  • cheap wordpress hosting

45 Days Money Back: If you are not satisfied with their hosting services during the first 45 days, you can cancel your plan and they will provide with a refund - no questions asked.

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FastComet Cons:

  • Domain name is not free any more: FastComet will transfer your existing domain name and renew it for free for only one year.
  • High Renewal Price: it is 4x higher than at the beginning. My advise is simple as I mentioned above in paragraph 4: renew on Black Friday or ask for a discount.
  • FastComet website builder: I tried it a few years ago and wasn´t able to build a website using it. So for my small culinary blog I use a free website builder Webnode.

8. FastComet alternative

It looks like FastComet is not that well known. I am satisfied with their FastComet pricing and 24/7 Technical Support and it is the reason why I created this FastComet shared hosting review.

Best web hosting services:

Which web hosting providers people are most satisfied with and they can be good FastComet alternative? When it comes to choosing a hosting company, everyone seems to have an opinion.

These web hosting companies are mentioned most often by bloggers and developers in FB groups:

  • A2 hosting
  • Lyrical Host
  • LiquidWeb
  • CloudWays
  • BigScoots
  • WPX

My favorite SEO guru Matt Diggity collected data of over 30 hosting companies, to uncover which ones are worth your time and money. In this video he breaks down the top web hosting companies by speed, uptime, customer support, and affordability.

It also covers the best hosts for SEO on Wordpress, the top VPS and cloud hosting solutions, and much more. The wrong hosting company can seriously derail your website and cost you thousands.

9. FastComet web hosting review: final words

Every website needs a reliable web host in order to go live. Fastcomet hosting gives your website a server to live on, enabling it to connect to the internet and receive happy visitors.

I don´t know if FastComet is the best website hosting provider, because I haven't tried any other web hosting companies. But I have very good experience using FastComet web hosting services and it is the reason why I have submitted this FastComet review.

Is FastComet hosting good?

FastComet offers high value web hosting services for very good price, excellent and fast human customer support and above the industry-average uptime of 99.9%.

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FastComet web hosting uses Cloudflare CDN caching: your website's content is replicated on more than 190+ server locations all over the world and your visitors will load your website from the closest server to them. That makes your website load fast no matter where your visitors are located.

Choose the enterprise-class facility near you and your website visitors for the best loading times and greater performance!

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