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100+ Free Fraction Games ONLINE Practice

Play free fraction games online. Looking for fun and educational games to teach fractions? This web page offers a variety of interactive fraction games for kids.

Whether you're a teacher looking for fraction games for the classroom or a student looking to improve your math skills, our interactive games will help you master fractions in a fun and engaging way. Check out our collection of fractions math games and start practice fractions online!

All these math fraction games and puzzles are accompanied by fraction worksheets on which kids can practice fraction skills.

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Math fraction games online FREE

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Fraction flash cards

Learn fractions easily with these online fraction games. Fraction flash cards use visual aids (circles or fraction strips) to help kids understand the concept of fractions.
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Identifying fractions games

Identify basic fractions of shapes. In this fraction game, students have to recognize which fraction corresponds to a given picture. Download fraction identification worksheets.
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Fractions on a number line

Select the fraction that corresponds to the given point on the number line. Play fractions on a number line´ ONLINE games.
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Simplifying fractions BINGO

Play simplifying fractions games online. Simplifying fraction BINGO is a fun fractions learning game for the classroom.
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New online fraction games will be added soon.

Interactive fraction games for kids

Our interactive fraction games for kids are math games designed to help students practice and understand fractions. These free fraction games can be played online or offline and include activities such as identifying fractions of shapes, matching the equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, simplifying fractions, and solving various math problems with fractions.

What are fractions?

Fractions are numbers that represent a part of a whole or a ratio between two quantities. They are expressed as a numerator (the number above the line) and a denominator (the number below the line) separated by a horizontal line: a fraction bar.

Fractions have the following characteristics:

  • The presence of a horizontal line separating two numbers: This is the most obvious sign that you are dealing with a fraction.
  • The denominator is not zero: In a fraction, the denominator cannot be zero because dividing by zero is undefined.
  • Examples of fractions include 1/2, 3/4, 2/5, 7/8, and 4/3.

Fractions can be proper or improper:
A proper fraction is a fraction where the numerator (the top number) is smaller than the denominator (the bottom number). The value of a proper fraction is always less than 1. For example, 1/4, 2/3, and 7/8 are all proper fractions.
In improper fractions (fractions where the numerator is equal to or greater than the denominator), the value of the fraction is greater than or equal to 1. For example, 4/3, 5/5, and 8/7 are proper fractions.

Free online fraction games

Playing online fraction games have a lot of advantages that include:

  • Fraction games make learning fractions more engaging and fun for children. By making the learning process enjoyable, kids are more likely to stay interested and focused.
  • Fraction games provide a fun way for children to practice and reinforce what they have learned about fractions. Through fractions practice, children can gain confidence and fluency in working with fractions.
  • Interactive fraction games allow kids to actively participate in the learning process, which can help them gain a deeper understanding of fractions.
  • Fraction online games often require children to use problem-solving skills to solve problems related to fractions. This can help children develop critical thinking skills and improve their ability to solve problems in other areas of life.
  • This fraction practice fraction games involve teamwork, which can help children develop essential social skills like communication, cooperation, and teamwork.

Fraction practice online games

You can practice fractions using fraction worksheets, fraction games, or especially real-life examples.

First of all, it is a good idea to explain to beginners how fractions are used in everyday life. Fractions are used to represent many real-world situations, such as dividing a pizza into equal slices, measuring ingredients in a recipe, or calculating a percentage.

Free fraction online games

Online fraction games are a fantastic way for children to learn and practice fractions.

Our fractions online games are adapted to suit different fraction skill levels and ages, making them perfect for children of various abilities.

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