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Halloween math games for kindergarten

Play math Halloween games for kindergarten ONLINE. Enjoy our Halloween counting games for kindergarten. Play kindergarten Halloween games online. Download Halloween counting activities in PDF. Halloween kindergarten games. You can find many kindergarten Halloween math games here. Play online Halloween math games for kindergarten. Get Halloween counting activity in PDF. Halloween games online for kindergarten. Kindergarten online Halloween games. Kindergarten games for Halloween. Download free printable Halloween classroom games for kindergarten. Halloween online games for kindergarten. Children love these Halloween math games kindergarten.


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Count Halloween emojis and click on the correct number.

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Halloween counting games for kindergarten

Halloween games for kindergarten

Enjoy our online Halloween counting games for kindergarten. Children should count the Halloween pictures and click on the correct answer. You can choose the maximum number: 5, 10 or 20.

Free Halloween math games for kindergarten PRINTABLE

Click the picture and download free printable Halloween games for kindergarten in PDF. You can browse more Halloween math worksheets here.

Halloween counting activities in PDF

Math Halloween games for kindergarten PDF

Here are other free printable math Halloween games for kindergarten PDF:

Kindergarten Halloween games online

This Halloween counting game incorporates Halloween-themed pictures, that make these Halloween activities for kindergarten kids more enjoyable.

The task is to count Halloween emojis and click the correct number from 3 options.

Math Halloween Games For Kindergarten

Halloween activities for kindergarten

Let the spirit of Halloween enhance your kindergarten classroom with these fun and educational kindergarten Halloween math games.

Halloween games online for kindergarten

These Halloween counting activities are a festive type of online counting games for kindergarten. These online Halloween counting games help children practice their counting skills.

Halloween counting activities for preschoolers

In addition to these online Halloween counting games, you can also try our printable Halloween counting activities or following Halloween math games for kindergarten that can be easily played in the classroom.

  1. Count the Spiders:
    • Create spider cutouts or use spider-shaped toys.
    • Hide them around the classroom.
    • Children search for the spiders and count how many they find.
  2. Ghostly Number Hunt:
    • Hide ghost cutouts or printouts with numbers written on them around the room or outdoor space.
    • Children search for the ghosts and, once found, say the number out loud.
  3. Counting Halloween objects:
    • You can use Halloween-themed objects, such as pumpkins, potions, hats, or skulls, and ask children to count how many there are in a picture.
    • For this game you can print out this halloween counting worksheet.
  4. Halloween counting songs:

These Halloween counting games not only help kids practice their counting skills but also promote hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and social interaction in a playful and festive way.

Kindergarten Halloween math games

These math Halloween games make learning math a delightful experience. If these kindergarten Halloween games are to easy for your child, then check out also other Halloween math games.

Make Halloween season fun and let the children enjoy the spooky spirit with our Halloween math games for kindergarten!

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