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100+ Free Math Puzzles ONLINE + Printables

Kids love to solve math puzzles. These math puzzle games spark their interest and overall engagement. Students can play our maths puzzles online or you can download free maths puzzles as PDF files.

Each math puzzle game contains also at least three math puzzle worksheets which can be printed out or you can browse our best printable math puzzles here.

These mathematical puzzles games are great for use in classroom to help students practise their math skills, or as a time-filler exercise if you've got a spare few minutes to fill up. Enjoy our kids math puzzles games.

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Free math puzzles for kids and adults

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Math puzzles: addition and subtraction

A crossword type math puzzles where the answers are from addition and subtraction calculations within 100. Easy practice of addition and subtraction tasks at the same time.
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Kids math puzzles: addition to 20

Learn addition up to 20 with our free online maths puzzles. Kids are looking for pairs of tiles: the addition problem and the corresponding result. Download printable math puzzles.
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Picture math puzzles

Emoji maths puzzles are loved by students and teachers. Play logic math puzzles online. Picture math puzzles are great for home schooling. Download logical maths puzzles in PDF.
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Addition pyramids

Pyramid math puzzle game teaches the addition up to 100. Play mathematical puzzles online. Download these easy math puzzles with answers in PDF.
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Multiplication maths puzzles

Learn multiplication easily with this online math puzzles game. After completing all 6 multiplication tasks you will see a nice picture. Download multiplication maths puzzles in PDF.
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Magic squares math puzzles

Learn add and subtract within 100: play magic squares math puzzles online. Download magic squares worksheets.
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Free 3rd grade math games. free math games for 3rd graders. Online third grade math learning games. Free math games 3rd grade.

Halloween math puzzles

Solve Halloween math puzzles. Download Halloween math emoji puzzles in PDF. Play Hallowen math puzzle games online.
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Online math puzzles games

Solving math puzzles online is a super easy way for your kids to practice their skills, even if you're on the go. Or when your students become bored with routine and predictable lesson plans, you can include a few new and fun activities into your upcoming lesson plans: these simple mathematical puzzles games.

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Number matching games

Play math puzzle games online: count the objects and match with the correct number.

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Online math puzzles games. Simple math puzzles for kids. mathematical puzzles games

Subtraction math puzzles

Learn to subtract within 20. As kids complete the math puzzle, they reveal a hidden picture.

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Subtraction pyramids

Subtraction pyramid puzzle game. Play online math puzzles and Download math puzzles in PDF.

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crossword maths puzzles for kids and adults. math puzzle games with answers

Crossword maths puzzles

Play crossword math puzzles online. Fill in the missing numbers so the operations are correct.

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Free online math puzzle games online. free printable math puzzles. number puzzle games with answers

Multiplication pyramids

Learn to multiply within 500. Play math puzzle games online. Free worksheets are included.

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Division maths puzzles

Learn to divide easily with these division math puzzles. As kids complete the division tasks, they gradually uncover pictures of animals.

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Printable math puzzles online. Simple math puzzles for kids. Printable puzzle games of maths. Free free math puzzles PDF. 
Free online math puzzle games online.

Multiplication puzzles

Solve multiplication math puzzles online. Download multiplication crossword puzzles as PDF files.

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Christmas math puzzles

Logic math puzzles for Christmas. Download free printable maths puzzles in PDF to enjoy the festive time.

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Free printable math puzzles PDF

Looking for some fun ways to practice number recognition, addition, subtraction, multiplication and logical thinking? Try these free printable math puzzle worksheets in PDF. Use the links below to automatically generate kids math puzzles in PDF.

Most of these math puzzles worksheets have two pages, the first one is the math puzzle game and the other page contains also the answer key. You can download more free math puzzles under individual games or browse all our free math worksheets here.

Easy maths puzzles games

Math puzzle games are super engaging and loved by students. All these online math puzzles for kids are differentiated based on grade and ability levels.

Engaging in mathematical puzzles at any point of a math lesson is a great way to ignite student thinking, spark creativity, and build anticipation - especially with students who typically struggle in math class and are reluctant to participate.

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Kids math puzzles online

If you are looking for a great activity for a long journey or a rainy day try our online math puzzles games.

The great thing about our math puzzle games is that you no longer have to print out maths puzzles and continue to use paper each time you want to play again. But of course, if you want to reduce the screen time you can download printable math puzzles in PDF too.

Math puzzle games

50 multiplication puzzles in PDF

Fun printable math puzzles for kids to practice multiplication. 50 different pictures, many multiplication tasks.

US$ 3.00


Digital Download: 50 pages

Mathematical puzzles and games

As students successfully solve math puzzle games, they may develop a greater sense of confidence and accomplishment in their math abilities.

free mathematical puzzles online. kids math puzzles with answers PDF. free maths puzzle games.

Math puzzle games

So if you're looking for a simple way to squeeze in a little extra math practice to keep your kids' minds sharp over the holiday break, or if you're looking for something productive yet fun for your early finishers, be sure to check out our printable math puzzles and games!

Even if students are not directly engaged in mathematical problem-solving, their curiosity and interest will carry on throughout the math’s lessons.

Math puzzle worksheets

In addition to these online math puzzles, I have created also printable math games for kids. They also teach basic math facts in an engaging way.

These make a fun alternative to math puzzle worksheets and can also be helpful for kids who are struggling or math anxious, as it takes some of the pressure off. I hope your kids enjoy these all math puzzles games!

Free Math Puzzles for kids

Math puzzles in PDF

Download the collection of our best free math puzzle worksheets for Grades 1-5.

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