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Free Printable Multiplication Board Games in PDF

Learning multiplication is one of the most challenging tasks in math. To help our kids to learn it easily I designed this collection of printable multiplication board games in PDF.

You may also have found that children easily forget to multiply after the holidays. Kids love to play and compete, so let's take advantage of this and make learning maths more enjoyable for them. Multiplication board games help children to get more familiar with multiples.

Free Printable Multiplication Board Games PDF

Playing multiplication board games will help kids to learn the math facts easily.

When you play these printable multiplication games, children will not even find out that they repeat multiplication. And to be honest, each of us needs to practice math facts sometimes, isn't it? 🌝

Download free multiplication board games in PDF below. You can play our free printable times tables board games on long winter evenings or even during the summer holidays.

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Free Printable Multiplication Board Games for Kids

Learning to multiply requires a lot of training and repetition. You can try my free online multiplication games, which are great in that the kids immediately see the right result.

If you’re not interested in online games, here are my multiplication board games ideas. You can easily and quickly print these multiplication board games as per your requirements. You can print them on A4 or A3 paper.

Printable Multiplication Board Games for 3rd Grade and up

What will you need for your homemade multiplication board games?

Are you looking for more durable board games?

Easy-to-Carry Magnetic Board Game can be used for learning multiplication, addition or just for family fun. Pawns hold perfectly on the board. The game contains 68 fields.

How to play multiplication board game?

You can play multiplication board game in many ways. You can play multiplication game with your child or kids can play together. Do not play multiplication board game with preschool babies.

  • Place the board game in the center of the play area: you can put the printed board on the table or even on the floor.
  • All players place their game piece on START position.
  • Each player rolls the dice and the player with the highest roll has the first turn.
  • Players will take turns rolling the dice and moving forward that number of spaces.
  • The player must then correctly answer the multiplication problem on that space.
  • If they are correct, they can stay on that space.
  • If her/his answer is wrong, the player must go back to the previous position.

When to finish?
If the student rolls the dice and gets a number that makes them move more spaces past the finish line, it is the end of the multiplication game. The first player who reached the finish wins! But feel free to make your own rules.

Multiplication board games are perfect for introducing multiplication. You can easily get any quantity and quality of multiplication board games that your kid will be happy with.

Multiplication Games Printable

There are many multiplication board games for kids to enjoy but some are more fun than others. You can choose games that match your kids and their likes and preferences as well. Have fun with children while playing these free times tables board games!

Here are some good printable multiplication board games in PDF. They are ready to be used as soon as you print out them. You get the best results, when you print games out on hard A3 paper or ordinary paper and laminate.

All of these free printable multiplication games have a light background, so you don't need too much colour in the printer. The light background does not disturb children while playing.

Free printable multiplication chart in PDF

Download free printable multiplication chart in PDF which will help you to check answers while playing printable multiplication board games:

Multiplication board games will help your children to learn times tables

Playing multiplication board games will certainly help your children learn the math facts more easily and efficiently.

Free Multiplication Board Games Printable
Printable Multiplication Board Games 3rd Grade

Multiplication board game will keep the kids occupied. It combines the logic and math with the fun and excitement of the board game.

Our multiplication board games for kids are simple games that contain basic math facts.

These times tables board games are a super simple and fun way for kids to practice multiplication facts as they race each other to the finish! If you prefer multiplication games in the form of cards go here.

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