Multiplication flash cards to 12

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Insert the result of multiplication to the empty box.

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Online multiplication flash cards up to 12

Online multiplication flash cards up to 12

Online multiplication flash cards help kids to master basic multiplication 0-12. Insert the result of the multiplication to the empty box. Press "Check it" to find out if your answer is correct. If the result of multiplication is OK, the box will be green. If your answer isn´t correct, the box will be red and you will see the correct answer. Children have plenty of time to look for the right answer and realize where they made a mistake.

Press the button "New card" and a new card with the next task will appear on the screen.

Children need regular practice to learn multiplication. Online multiplication flash cards can be played by children anywhere, on a mobile phone or laptop, while waiting at the doctor or on the bus. More than 160 tasks available.

For children who are just starting to learn multiplication, we have prepared this online multiplication dice game. Kids will multiply numbers 1 to 6.

Do you want to try something a little harder? Then play multiplication pyramid game.

Kids love these 55 multiplication cards which show 110 multiplication problems that range from 0x0 to 12x12.

Multiplication flash cards (printable) in PDF

Download free printable multiplication flash cards in PDF. Math multiplication flash cards 0-12 help kids to learn and enjoy basics of multiplication. Find all our third grade math worksheets here.

Online multiplication flash cards up to 12

Multiplication flashcards with answers

Learning to multiply is one of the most difficult tasks facing young schoolchildren. To help our children master the multiplication easier and like it, we have prepared these online multiplication flash cards up to 12.

You can also watch this nice tutorial on YouTube which explains what is multiplication.


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