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Shapes flash cards

Playing cards shapes names: Shapes flashcards online are a set of educational shape cards that feature different shapes printed on them. cards shapes name. geometry flashcards online. These digital shape flashcards are used as a teaching aid to help young children learn about basic shapes and their names. 2d and 3d shapes flashcards. Interactive Shapes flash cards feature various shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals, diamonds, and more. Each shape card shows a single shape on a colored background, with the name of the shape printed on the shape card. The shape flash cards online are designed to be visually appealing. Master basic 2D and 3D shapes with our shapes flashcards for toddlers. Flash card shape name. Online shapes flashcards can be a convenient and effective tool for teaching children about shapes. This shape flashcards APP can be used in conjunction with other teaching methods to provide a comprehensive learning experience, and it can be easily accessed and used from anywhere with an internet connection.


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Shapes flashcards online

Interactive shapes flash cards online.

Enjoy our shapes flash cards online. I created these shapes cards to provide fun and easy learning of shapes. Press the button "New card" and a new shape flash card will appear on the screen.

Our online shapes flashcards are a digital version of the traditional physical shape cards used for teaching children about shapes. These digital flashcards are accessible online and can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Shapes Flash Cards

Shape flashcards for kindergarten. Learning Shapes Flash Cards online.
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Shape flashcards for kindergarten

The shapes cards are designed to be visually appealing and include illustrations of shapes and their names.

In addition our online flash cards are accompanied with voice cover telling the shape name.

Download the list of geometric shapes names with pictures in PDF here.

Shapes online

Learn shapes and their names online:

Flash cards online free

Try also these online flash cards:

Shape cards online

Shapes flashcards are a set of math flash cards that feature different shapes and names. Shapes flashcards are typically used as a teaching aid to help young children learn about basic shapes and properties.

Our online shapes flashcards feature various 2D shapes such as circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, and 3D shapes as cube, sphere, cone or prism.

Each shape card shows a single shape with the name of the shape on the card. Voice cover is very helpful for kids who don´t read yet.

Shapes in cards

Shapes flashcards are effective for learning shapes, especially for toddlers and young children who are just beginning to develop their spatial awareness and visual recognition skills.

This website specializes in online games, if you prefer printable shapes flash cards, you can download and customize these shapes flashcards in Canva. Just click the picture of shapes flash cards bellow.

Shape flashcards APP

Shapes flashcards APP is a basic geometry game for teaching young children because shapes cards are visual, engaging, and easy to use.

The repetition of seeing and naming shapes on the flashcards can help children build their memory and recognition skills, which can help them identify shapes in the real world more easily.

How to use shape flashcards online

One additional point to add about shapes flashcards online is that they can also help children develop their language and communication skills. When using shapes cards, parents or teachers can ask children to name the shape, describe its features, use it in a sentence or name the objects that represent the given shape.

This encourages children to practice using vocabulary and sentence structure, which can help improve their language development.

Shape flashcards for toddlers

Shapes flashcards can be used in a variety of ways to teach toddlers about shapes. For example, you can hold up a card and ask the child to name the shape, or you can ask the child to find an object in the room that has the same shape as the one on the card.

Shapes flashcards can also be used to play games that involve matching, sorting, or categorizing shapes.

Online shapes activities for kindergarten

Our online shapes activities for kindergarten are visually appealing and interactive. They feature images of different shapes, with voice naming the shapes to make the learning experience more engaging for small children.

Shapes flashcards can be used in a variety of educational settings, such as in the classroom, at home, or during tutoring sessions. They can be used to teach children how to recognize and name different shapes, as well as to help them learn to identify and categorize objects based on their shape.


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