What comes after: 1 to 50 (worksheets and games)

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Fill in the number what comes after the given number.

How to fill in the number what comes after: 1 to 50?

What comes after 1 to 50

Fill in the empty box with the next page number. For example:
12 ⇨ ▢
The correct answer is: 12 ⇨ 13

Each of the problems contains numbers ranging from 1 to 50. Write the digit that comes immediately after the given number. Confirm the numbers of correct answers by clicking the "Check it" button below. If your answer is OK, the box will be green. If your answer isn´t correct, the box will be red and you will see the correct answer.

If any of your answer is wrong, do not worry. Press the button "New game" and play another game.

This game "What comes after 1 to 50" helps kids to practice the number order.

Do you need to try something more simple? Then play this game: missing numbers 1 to 10.

Do you want to play a more difficult game? Then play before and after numbers to 100.

Watch this nice video on YouTube which teaches kids to count 1 to 50.

What comes after: worksheet 1 to 50

Download our free printable ´what comes after worksheet: 1 to 50´ in PDF below. These colorful worksheets are prepared for kids to learn to count up to 50. Fill in after numbers 1 to 50.

What comes after 1 to 50 games, What comes after worksheet 1 to 50

What comes after 1 to 50 games

Play our interactive online games. Fill in the number what comes after the given number from 1 to 50. For a better understanding we chose a picture of an open book, so children will easily understand that they should to fill in the next page number.


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